Behavioral Health

If your child is not currently a patient of Le Bonheur Pediatrics, please contact the Living Well Network at 901-762-8558 to find a behavioral health provider. If you require emergency mental health care, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Le Bonheur knows that quality pediatric care involves more than caring for a child’s physical body alone. Quality healthcare is caring for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. In order to provide a more comprehensive healthcare experience, integrated behavioral health is now available at your pediatrician’s office.

Behavioral Health Consultant

A behavioral health consultant is an individual who has been trained either as a psychologist, professional counselor or clinical social worker. They are a part of your child’s medical team and will work alongside your pediatrician to determine a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your child’s specific needs in order to improve their overall health and quality of life.

Behavioral Health Consultant Services

Examples of services your behavioral health consultant is able to provide include:

  • Parent coaching and support for child and adolescent behavior management
  • Assistance for concerns related to toileting and bedwetting
  • Screening and behavioral interventions for ADHD and other conditions
  • Support promoting health changes to manage chronic problems such as diabetes, obesity, and ADHD
  • Assistance for symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other concerns
  • Help addressing habits such as tobacco, alcohol, or drug use
  • Guidance for families on typical child behavior and development

What to Expect

  • Consultations are typically 15 to 30 minutes in length.
  • Appointments are usually available on the same day as your pediatrician appointment, but you may schedule a different time to come in, separate from your pediatrician visit if that is more convenient for you.
  • In most cases, your insurance will cover either part or all of this service. For further details regarding your coverage, please contact your insurance provider.

Let your pediatrician know if you would like help for your child to:

  • Cope with stress and/or pain
  • Improve their mood
  • Cope with grief and/or loss
  • Sleep better
  • Manage weight
  • Improve behaviors at home or school

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