Parenthood comes with lots of questions, and you are not alone. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your reference. Have a question we haven’t already answered? Give us a call!

Referrals are handled individually. Some require special scheduling and paperwork which can be done by our staff. Please leave all pertinent information on the referral voicemail and we will begin the process. If you go to a specialist on your own, please make sure that he/she is aware of your child's primary pediatrician so we can receive information regarding the visit.
If your child requires admission to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, we have entrusted the care of our patients to the hospitalists there. Hospitalists are pediatricians who are based at the hospital and are solely there to take care of patients while admitted. Because they do not have private offices, they can devote all of their time and energy to their patients' care. They will then communicate to us at the time of discharge what is needed after discharge and forward appropriate information to us.
Our nurses are trained to answer your questions and advise you regarding care of your sick child. He/she will help you determine whether an appointment is needed or just some good home TLC. The calls after hours are answered by our own nurses, but from home. Therefore, they can advise you, but do not have access to your child's medical record. Please do not request antibiotics over the phone. We do not feel that antibiotics should be used unless your child has been examined and a true indication has been determined. Overuse of antibiotics can harm your child. Antibiotics have no ability to fight viral infections such as colds and flu.
You are welcome to schedule a free prenatal appointment before you deliver. You can also request us at the time of your delivery. We are currently seeing newborns at Methodist Germantown Hospital and Baptist Women's Hospital. The hospital will notify us of your baby's arrival and we will see your baby in the first 24 hours of life.
We welcome new patients. In order for your first visit to go smoothly, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to fill out forms. Please bring your insurance card and an immunization record. We will be happy to help you obtain your records from your former pediatrician, but having your immunization record with you on the first visit is appreciated.
Our doctors are affiliated with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Methodist Germantown Hospital, Methodist University Hospital, Baptist Women’s Hospital, and Baptist East Memorial Hospital.
Our practice participates with most major commercial insurance plans in this area. Our doctors are enrolled in TennCare Select, TLC, and Unison. We are currently no longer accepting new Tricare patients. Because of the large number of carriers we cannot always tell your network by just the name of your insurance plan, it is always best to call your insurance to verify that our doctors are in your network.
No, research shows that your child will receive better care if one doctor provides most of your care. We aim to provide continuity of care for your child by scheduling the appointment with a particular doctor for the majority of your visits. In doing so, we recognize the emotional benefit for you, the patient and the staff as well. If your doctor is not available for any reason, then of course, you may see one of the other doctors.
Yes! You can book an appointment for your child using our online scheduling website powered by ZocDoc.
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